The availability of accessible generative AI models for text and image creation has opened up new opportunities for content generation. To achieve optimal results, it is important to construct text sentences that enable the AI model to produce the desired output.

Prompt engineering is a rapidly advancing field that addresses these challenges. As a result, we are witnessing the emergence of marketplaces where purchasers can buy prompts that generate images using AI. However, this also creates an opportunity for fraudulent behavior, such as the provision of incorrect prompts or the use of a different AI model.

To combat these issues, my application offers a solution. Through user input, the app communicates with the GPT-3.5 AI model to create a prompt that generates images using the chosen text-to-image model. This data is then used to create NFTs that users can generate, mint, buy, and sell without ever leaving the app.

What it does

"Prompt2Image Marketplace" is an NFT marketplace that leverages the power of AI to generate unique art pieces, which are linked to encrypted NFTs. Built on the Mantle blockchain, the platform allows users to create prompts for generating new images through AI models, such as GPT-3.5, based on their descriptions. These prompts are used to generate new images through selected text-to-image AI models, which can be used to mint NFTs that are sold on the platform.

To ensure the security of the NFTs, the platform uses a double-encryption method. When minting an NFT, the prompt used to generate the image is encrypted with a randomly generated secret, which is further encrypted using the public key of the minter's Metamask wallet. This ensures that only the owner of the NFT can decrypt the prompt and generate new images.

When purchasing an NFT, the encrypted secret is saved in the smart contract, and to ensure secure transfer of ownership, the app decrypts the secret using the seller's Metamask wallet's private key and re-encrypts it using the buyer's wallet's public key.

The platform offers a user-friendly dashboard that displays AI-generated images linked to NFTs, and users can purchase the right to generate new images based on the prompt linked to the NFT. However, they can only generate new images after becoming the owner of the NFT and decrypting the prompt using their Metamask wallet's private key.

Overall, "Prompt2Image Marketplace" is an innovative NFT marketplace that combines AI technology with secure encryption methods to offer unique art pieces linked to NFTs.

How we built it

The underhood uses requests to AI model GPT-3.5 to generate prompt from user description. For generate an image are using one from AI models text-to-image like Stable Diffusion, Openjourney, EimisAnimeDiffusion etc. It works through an API from AI models The application was developed using the latest stack technologies, including Next.js, React.js, and Tailwind. There are deployed smart contracts on the Mantle blockchain and used IPFS as a decentralized storage solution for NFT content. There is using Metamask wallet, which provides crypto functionalities for encrypting and decrypting data, ensuring encrypting the NFT info.

Challenges we ran into

I faced challenges while attempting to integrate an image generation service into our platform, using various AI models for text-to-image conversion from AI models through an API. Although the feature was successfully implemented, allowing users to select an AI model for text-to-image conversion and generate images from prompts without leaving the platform, the resources were frequently updated, causing occasional malfunctions. As a result, I had to remove this feature from the current version of the app. I have a solution in mind, but it requires funding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"Prompt2Image Marketplace" is a NFT marketplace trades prompts for AI models to convert text to images. These generated images are then linked to encrypted NFTs. Users have the opportunity to purchase the right to create a new image based on the prompt that is linked to the NFT, and can earn money by selling these NFTs on the platform. The platform is secured with encryption techniques to guarantee that only the NFT owner can create new images like as the image linked with the NFT using AI platforms with the prompt from the NFT. Overall, "Prompt2Image Marketplace" presents an innovative opportunity for artists, designers, and prompt engineers to monetize their work.

What we learned

Building "Prompt2Image Marketplace" taught me how to leverage AI technology to create one-of-a-kind art pieces and securely associate them with NFTs on the Mantle blockchain. I also gained knowledge on encrypting NFT data with symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption techniques and using Metamask wallet to provide crypto functionalities. Lastly, I acquired skills in developing a user-friendly marketplace that enables the trading of NFTs connected to AI-generated images through prompts.

What's next for "Prompt2Image Marketplace"

The project development roadmap for "Prompt2Image Marketplace" includes several key steps to improve the platform. The first step is to refine the functionality for managing royalties and integrate it into the marketplace. Once this is done, the contracts can be deployed to the Mantle main net. In addition, the platform plans to use API services with AI models for the application and integrate new features for generating images via prompts without leaving the app. The current functionality can be expanded to work with other AI models such as text to text, text to video, and image to text, but it requires funding and a usable design for mobile platforms. The economic model of the marketplace needs to be worked out, which will involve using its own EPC-20 token and possibly attracting investors through a token sale. To facilitate this, the team will need to expand to include developers, marketers, and sellers. Finally, the platform plans to integrate with metaverses like Decentraland to expand its reach and provide additional opportunities for users. Overall, these steps will help "Prompt2Image Marketplace" become a leading NFT marketplace that combines AI technology and blockchain to revolutionize the art world.

## Business Case for Using "Prompt2Image Marketplace" in Metaverse As the popularity of metaverses continues to grow, "Prompt2Image Marketplace" can be used to offer unique and customizable art pieces linked to NFTs in these virtual worlds. The marketplace can partner with metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and The Sandbox to allow users to purchase and display their NFTs in their virtual spaces.

By offering an extensive selection of AI-generated images linked to NFTs, the platform can cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of metaverse users. Additionally, the platform can provide users with the opportunity to commission personalized AI-generated images through prompts, further enhancing the appeal of the platform.

As metaverses gain more mainstream adoption, the demand for NFTs linked to unique art pieces is likely to increase. Therefore, integrating "Prompt2Image Marketplace" with metaverse platforms presents a valuable opportunity to expand the platform's user base and revenue streams.

Business Case for Using "Prompt2Image Marketplace" in Real Life

In addition to the metaverse, "Prompt2Image Marketplace" can also be used in the real world to offer unique and personalized art pieces. The platform can partner with art galleries and museums to showcase and sell AI-generated images linked to NFTs.

Artists can also use the platform to monetize their work by creating prompts for AI models to generate images, which can then be linked to NFTs and sold on the platform. The platform can offer a user-friendly interface for creating prompts and generating images, making it accessible to both artists and non-artists.

Furthermore, the platform can leverage its encryption techniques to offer a secure and reliable way of transferring ownership of NFTs linked to AI-generated images. This can attract buyers who value the security and authenticity of their art pieces.

Overall, "Prompt2Image Marketplace" can disrupt the traditional art industry by offering a unique and customizable way of creating and selling art pieces linked to NFTs. By partnering with galleries and museums, the platform can expand its reach and appeal to a broader audience, thereby enhancing its revenue streams.

Built With

  • ai
  • gpt-3.5
  • ipfs
  • mantle
  • metamask
  • next.js
  • nft
  • prompt-engineering
  • react.js
  • solidity
  • text-to-image
  • typescript
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