Empowering communities to thrive in tech

To help communities by developing professionals in industries threatened by automation standards. Utilizing the free structure of available resources and implementing an experience driven professional peer to peer network. Community empowerment driven by community involvement and support. Community as communal as possible for creating a sustainable technological tomorrow. Community as intended, community as an ecosystem!

What is does

Curate individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to be empowered to propagate others in the community. Inspire, grow, empower and thrive.

Challenges that we ran into

Incorporating a functional dynamic between student, mentor and business. Creating an environment that perpetuates success and community.

Learning on the fly!!!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Diverse team with an even more diverse skills set to provide insights and solutions to approach problems with unique approaches and perspectives.

What's next for PromotorEd

Deploying an actual ecosystem for live data and results. Taking the hypothetical to reality.

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