With the recent Corona Virus outbreak, we noticed a major issue in charitable donations of equipment/supplies ending up in the wrong hands or are lost in transit. How can donors know their support is really reaching those in need? At the same time, those in need would benefit from a way of customizing what they require, almost like a purchasing experience.

With these two needs in mind, we created Promise. A charity donation platform to ensure the right aid is provided to the right place.

What it does

Promise has two components. First, a donation request view to submitting aid requests and confirm aids was received. Second, a donor world map view of where donation requests are coming from.

The request view allows aid workers, doctors, and responders to specificity the quantity/type of aid required (for our demo we've chosen quantity of syringes, medicine, and face masks as examples) after verifying their identity by taking a picture with their government IDs. We verify identities through Microsoft Azure's face verification service. Once a request is submitted, it and all previous requests will be visible in the donor world view.

The donor world view provides a Google Map overlay for potential donors to look at all current donation requests as pins. Donors can select these pins, see their details and make the choice to make a donation. Upon donating, donors are presented with a QR code that would be applied to the aid's packaging.

Once the aid has been received by the requesting individual(s), they would scan the QR code, confirm it has been received or notify the donor there's been an issue with the item/loss of items. The comments of the recipient are visible to the donor on the same pin.

How we built it

Frontend: React   Backend: Flask, Node   DB: MySQL, Firebase Realtime DB   Hosting: Firebase, Oracle Cloud   Storage: Firebase   API: Google Maps, Azure Face Detection, Azure Face Verification   Design: Figma, Sketch

Challenges we ran into

Some of the APIs we used had outdated documentation. Finding a good of ensuring information flow (the correct request was referred to each time) for both the donor and recipient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We utilized a good number of new technologies and created a solid project in the end which we believe has great potential for good.

We've built a platform that is design-led, and that we believe works well in practice, for both end-users and the overall experience.

What we learned

Utilizing React states in a way that benefits a multi-page web app Building facial recognition authentication with MS Azure

What's next for Promise

Improve detail of information provided by a recipient on QR scan. Give donors a statistical view of how much aid is being received so both donors and recipients can better action going forward.

Add location-based package tracking similar to Amazon/Arrival by Shopify for transparency

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