Prometheus has stolen fire from the gods to give to human kind, however the mortal chosen to bear the torch needs to return to their people, and keep the fire alive.

I love 2D platforms and atmospheric games, and I've always wanted to create my own! For HackMann, I wanted to try creating a game for the first time, so I combined my two favorite genres, and create my own game!

The environment came from my love of Greek Mythology. I love the story of Prometheus and fire, and I figured it would be super fun to dramatize the mad dash that humans took from the gods with fire for the first time.

What it does

Prometheus is a platformer where every move that you make takes away what little light and fire you have. If the fire dies, so do you. Don’t waste any jumps, find the tinder you need to keep going, and light campfires to refresh the flame.

You control the main character using WASD, and can attack using space. You can only see the world around you in the shrinking light of the fire, and every move you make decreases your life and view.

How I built it

Prometheus was built using the Godot engine, with hand-illustrated graphics, and royalty-free music and sound effects.

Using Godot was awesome because it runs on GDScript, a Python-like scripting language, and it has a really robust physics engine, that is still open enough that it allowed me to tinker around with it to get movement feeling how I wanted.

All of the graphics I made with a marker and paper, then scanned them with my phone, and cleaned them up using Photoshop to make looping animations and perfectly connecting tiles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud of the overall ambiance and look of the game. I love how the hand drawn illustrations create the look and feel of a story being retold, and I love how the ever decreasing ring of light creates tension with the player. I've died so many times playing Prometheus, and I really like the difficulty, because with so many Campfires to re spawn at, deaths are not setbacks, but surviving with only a fraction of your health bar left feels extremely powerful and satisfying.

What's next for Prometheus

In the future, I'd like to continue adding enemies, such as a Cyclops who throws rocks, or a Dryad who spews water at the player. I'd also like to add in puzzles that continue to use the fire, such as burnable logs and grass. I'd also love to add a boss fight with Zeus at the end, where the character needs to dodge lighting strikes and other attacks to get to the end.

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