Traditional marketing has become redundant and has lost its efficacy with obtaining customers. In order for any company to expand and grow, they must realign themselves with the user and build a personal connection to the user. By focusing on the personal interests of customers, any company large or small can cater their product or service with an enhanced user experience.

What it does

we are reinventing marketing with a commerce platform that rewards users based on the products or services they are already subscribed to. We are changing the way companies reach their users and market their products without the adverse effects of annoying the customer with ads to the competitors.

How we built it

When we thought about catering to the users and businesses with an experience that was supposed to be seamless, familiar and in adherence to catering the millennials "Stories" ( an ephemeral image, video or animation uploaded).

Timed Stories are perfect because they create the "Fear Of Missing Out" as well as a way for new content to reach to the users fasters. Less time, More stories means more offers for Users and More opportunities for Businesses.

In order to implement this we turned ourselves to a cross platform web app so that we can focus more on solving the problem at hand rather than worrying about the building the same idea out on distinct platforms.

Challenges we ran into

Deploying the API to the AWS services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually have a working product built and have also developed supporting channels to bring the user to the app. We are very proud of the idea which caters to the everyday consumer in a trendy way and revitalizing the customer experience.

What we learned

Deployment and learning new things quickly in order to work under the constrained environments.

What's next for Promate

We would like to connect local businesses to the app and start the promotions

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