A precaution and protection tool for every citizen. Covid-19 is a new reality. People cannot stay in a lockdown forever, they will eventually change their habits and they will use information technology tools to adjust in this new reality.

What it does

Provides live notifications in case of possible contact with COVID-19. Avoidance Zones. A chatbot will categorize the issue and will provide guidance, psychological support, and, if your issue is categorized as "critical", it will set you up with teleconference appointments with the appropriate medical department of doctors or psychologists.

How I built it

I stuck to a great plan with my amazing team

Challenges I ran into

Keeping my team united and associating with other members, thus introducing the project to the government

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

VR/AR Game for the enhancement of law enforcement agencies to identify and prepare accordingly to encounter radicalization and extremism. Delivery App "MrPengu" that brings to your place everything you might need. Apps for the biggest annual exhibitions in Greece such as Poseidonia, Horeca, Food Expo, Xenia

What I learned

We keep learning and growing each and every day

What's next for PROLIPSIS

Find resources for my team and keep everyone focused on this project

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