I love to learn to new apis and sdks, but one problem I ran into is lack of documentation. Like any other dev I would just mosey on to Stackoverflow to disappointingly find 1 unanswered question in 2010. So instead of waiting for a forum answer I thought it would be great for people who are both extroverts and developers to join communication and actually talk through problems.

What it does

Allows Devs to post any questions on the code and framework of choice and other devs can join that video chat to share their screen and talk through it.

How I built it

Very lightweight. Focused more on Pocing the concept on top of light express stack and firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Firebase made sense to use because of the free tier but I didn't want to use a socket or webrtc vendor due to price which was a huge hurdle. This was my first time working with webrtc and screensharing chrome extensions so there was and is a lot more to learn.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works! AKA it is alive. This has always been a passion project of mine so I am happy I could prove it out and I proud to say that I will try to push it out to the public soon. I am also pretty proud that this was a one man job, but hopefully I want to connect with some other likeminded people.

What I learned

I learned about communication platform technology and how it ties into who we are as developers and I hope that is something that comes across from the project.

What's next for Proliferate

To clean the project up, for example I had to rush a couple of things to make the deadline requirement. For example the herokuapp screensharing and video runs into issues. If you do test out the herokuapp I recommend first downloading the chrome extension I built at

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