This was inspired by the desire to elevate our PC racing game experience and feel like we're actually driving the car.

What it does

It interfaces with the Volkswagen dashboard via the UNO to control the dashboard displays of the car. By sending data from the game, we can tell the dashboard what to output to the speedometer, gears, etc.

How I built it

Taking some 2x4s, an arduino uno, and a scrapped steering wheel and Volkswagen dashboard, we constructed the apparatus for holding the dashboard upright. Using the arduino as a buffer between the gaming PC and the dashboard, we were able to convert the data from the game into signals the dashboard could accept in order to adjust the output of various parts of the dashboard.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the PC to send data to the arduino proved challenging. There is a lot of documentation on how to program the arduino, but not how to get the PC to send data to the arduino.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of building the apparatus for the vehicle in a span of 18 hours. After establishing how to send data to the UNO, we found that the amount of data sent to the UNO slowed dramatically after a fixed period of time. We later found that the arduino was sending messages to the PC, causing a buffer overflow at the PC, slowing the computer's abiltity to send messages to the UNO.

What I learned

How to communicate with a micro-controller via c/c++ programming.

What's next for Projekt46

Finishing the rest of the dashboard's functionality so that it behaves exactly like a fully functional vehicle.

Built With

  • arduino-uno
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