Inspired by true events:

The future is a treacherous place. Mega-corporations rule the world. YouTube comments provide more help than StackOverflow posts. PHP is the only legal language. In these trying times, there is only one organization with the courage to fight back: PROJEKT JUICE.

A sequel to the critically acclaimed Software Development Methods and Tools project that didn't exist but still somehow pulled an A-, PROJEKT JUICE VR: After Dark takes the drink making experience of Project Juice from your real home to your virtual one.

What it does

We like to think of PROJEKT JUICE 2077 as an interactive art experience. Using cutting edge technological advancements, we can show you procedurally generated recipes. These recipes represent our best glimpses into being of higher dimensions. We let you enter a virtual world where corporations are in charge but drinks rule. Enter the interdimensional bar perfectly centered between everywhere and nowhere to become the bartender the multiverse needs. Create, mix, appreciate, mix again, and throw your drinks through a portal.

How we built it

The Engineering Staff made revolutionary and ground-breaking strides in the field of Virtual Reality to bring you an experience so life-like, we won't blame you for thinking that you really are in a dystopian-cyberspace-techno-future.

Kevin "Ethan Hunter" Yang pushed himself to the brink of insanity in a life-or-death fight against angles. But at his darkest hour, he rallied and won the day against the degrees that plagued him.

Maxine "API Destroyer of Worlds" Hartnett created a simulation of water lines so lifelike that it is retroactively being added as a Millennium Prize just so she can win it. Marvel at the technological wonder that is the recipe generation.

Our chief visionary, artist-extraordinaire, and man voted Most Likely to Get Distracted By Literally Anything Around Him, Aaron "Thor" Aaeng, wrote over 13 lines of C#. It is truly incredible to see someone proving the worth of pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science.

The emotional center of the group, Cori "Dot Fun" Hudson, provided the greatest textures the world has ever seen. Only an act of God could create a logo so Great.

Challenges we ran into

Unity is a terrible engine that has been constantly riddled with major, breaking bugs since release. It is remarkable that anyone has ever managed to develop software in Unity.

Though we registered as a group of 4, one of our team members couldn't make it. Cori "Dot Fun" Hudson found herself too sick to continue to the hackathon and told us to go on without her. She will live on in our hearts, our texture maps, and our Official PROJEKT JUICE™ VR Merchandise.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ethan beat the angles. Ethan also managed to beat Engels but that's a different story. Maxine had an entire 3 hours of sleep. Aaron was there. Everyone is always proud of Cori.

What we learned

computers were a mistake

What's next for PROJEKT JUICE 2077 VR: After Dark

That's really an interesting question and I know our loyal fans have been wondering for a long time. We're very excited to announce PROJEKT JUICE 2077 VR: After Dark: Deluxe for iClicker+. The pinnacle of humanity is coming to a classroom learning tool near you!

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