The drought in California has inspired us to develop ProjectW to offer a convenient water management method to battle the wasting of water.

What it does

When filled with water, the arduino program will tell you how much water is inside the cup. The program then communicates with Esri to approximate the cost of that water in different cities in California.

How I built it

We built it using an Arduino to measure the amount of water in the cup and Esri to pin point the approximate costs of this water in different cities in California.

Challenges I ran into

We ordered a water flow meter that when hooked up to the Arduino would tell us the amount of water that went through, however that part did not come in time for the hackathon. In order to simulate such a situation we used the Arduino, our knowledge of circuitry, some chemistry, and a little help from some mentors to accomplish this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Turning what we saw as a vision at first into something real and overcoming a few obstacles with cleverness and creativity.

What I learned

We learned about circuitry, code, engineering, and physics.

What's next for ProjectW

For the future we plan on finally hooking the water flow meter to the Arduino board, making this product more practical for home use (in order to monitor water usage), and making a more convenient and user friendly app to go with this that will add a variety of features.

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