Inspiration: We were inspired by all the social media platforms out there that encourage too much group think which in turn puts limit on self expression. This is exactly what we wanted to avoid.

What it does: This application aims to give users a voice whilst remaining anonymous. A user can post about his/her day along with their location. This post then makes it to a local "news feed" where other users can see it if they have selected to look at posts within that area. There are no accounts or identifying features at all.

How we built it: We built it using React for our front end, MongoDB as our database, and Django as our backend.

Challenges we ran into: None of us have ever used React or MongoDB. None of us were familiar with Javascript. Given the short amount of time, and the steep learning curve, we were not able to fully implement the product as we would have wanted to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Considering we had no experience with React Material-ui, Javascript or MongoDB we are proud that we were able to make dynamic web pages with styling and routing through Javascript.

What we learned: We learned so much! We learned react, MongoDB, java script, Material-ui and general web development.

What's next for ProjectVoice: The project needs to be completed to it's full potential with a better style, ui, and support for location and better post viewing.

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