Me and my colleague Silviu-Beniamin Tofan , who could not attend to the hackathon for personal reasons, were always interested in tablets . So one day we said "Why won`t we build one?" , and that was the moment when ProjectValcry started.

What it does

It`s is the ultimate portable tablet for graphic design featureing Intel core i7 processor , 16 up to 32Gb DDR4 RAM,256 up to 4Tb mSATA SSD storage , 15" HD ready touch screen,186Wh battery pack for up to 4 hours of continuous high performance.

How we built it

Well first of all we want to thank Symme3D for helping us with the tablet`s case. We got the all the hardware that we needed and then the fun began.

Challenges we ran into

Choosing the best hardware components

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of our first prototype

What's next for ProjectValcry

We are going to improve our tablet. One of our goals is to make it thinner and increasing the battery life. We are going to create a docking station with an external graphic card for the tablet. And of course the big launch that will be coming soon! :)

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