I'm an expert in project and portfolio management and decided to start developing smart planning, tracking and reporting tools. Although Placker is a separate service, this power-up will make it seamless to view and edit Placker plan attributes in Trello and easy to switch to Placker to generate reports and Gantt charts.

Placker is used often by scrum masters, project managers or product owners, to plan, track and report their work. For example to generate a status report or Gantt chart.

What it does

Information from Placker is added in three places in Trello:

  • Plan attributes are added as card badges.
  • Dependencies (when set) are shown on the card in a separate section, the user can easily see the card
  • Card mirrors can be created
  • Board buttons are added to open either the Gantt chart or the Track view directly in Placker.

The settings in the power-up are used to show only those attributes that are relevant to the user.

A lot of the magic is done by the Placker backend, users will need to import their board data in Placker after which the data will be enriched by Placker.

How I built it

For the power-up, there is excellent documentation and examples available on the Trello website and in the slack channel with great support from the Trello team. I created a user group from the current Placker users to test the power-up and to collect feedback on what worked and what needed improvement.

Challenges I ran into

These things are a lot of work, managing time and priorities were the biggest challenges.

What's next for Projects for Trello

The basics are currently in, the next steps are to make Placker and the Power-up a lot smarter, for example, to help you plan the workload of your team based on the past performance or to automatically track time spent based on the movements of the cards.

Built With

  • backend
  • power-up
  • trello
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