Inspiration behind this project was remembering a time a friend and myself were on our way to the train station and was stopped by law enforcement and how we conducted ourselves though that interaction. Also current events regarding social conflicts racism and nationalism were also inspiring factors

What it does

You pick the responses that will best fits the type of questions being asked

How I built it

I built this simulation in Unity so I can prototype much faster by basic interactions using the Oculus SDK

Challenges I ran into

Finding the right scripts that will feel like a normal conversation someone will have when interacting with law enforcement like I.C.E

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building this simulation in a the last few hours when not have an idea from the start of this hackathon

What I learned

The way you interact with anyone detects moments of conflict and were things can change in moments based on how you conduct you social skills by knowing you rights as a citizen of the United States Of America

What's next for ProjectRights

Adding new environments, AI dialogue, more character models,EEG sensors to monitor your brainwaves throughout the simulation, Heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate. Building the entire experience around your data and choices you make during progression of the simulator.

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