Imagine you’re driving with your family to Disney World ®: you and seven of your family members are relaxing in your family’s Toyota Sienna. Suddenly a problem arises. Your father is playing a terribly out of date song by John Mellencamp, your mother asks to put on Madonna, and your siblings would prefer an artist like 21 savage, T-swift, and Bruno Mars. None of those other preferences matter because your father is in control of the music and he is refusing to pass his phone around the car while he relies on it for directions.

Now imagine all of the people in the car could contribute to and view the playlist. All of a sudden, everyone is happy and ready to enjoy the Most Magical Place on Earth ®.

Whether you are in a car or your apartment, Project Note enables the host to ensure everyone is happy with the music selection.

What it does

Our system allows users to view and contribute to all playlists within range of the iBeacon. Users can add any song that is on Apple Music to the queue. We have also created an Alexa skill that allows users to add songs to the queue, pause, play, skip, and replay with simple and straightforward utterances.

How we built it

There are three main components to this hack: an iOS app, an Alexa skill, and real time integration between devices. All three of these components support our music playback system which uses Apple Music. Through the app, Alexa, and Firebase, anyone within the iBeacon range is able to add songs to the queue using low energy Bluetooth in real time.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we were hoping to make a Google Home Action, but due to our lack of access to the hardware, we instead created an Alexa Skill. We had a difficult time getting started on the Skill, but once we did, it was a considerably fast process. The most challenging aspect of Project Note was developing the music playback system due to all of the complexities that come with real-time state synchronization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of integrating all of these parts together in such a way that they all work together seamlessly in real time. We are particularly proud of our smooth and sleek user interface, the capabilities of our Alexa Skill, and our music playback system as well as how we managed to merge these components together seamlessly.

What we learned

We learned how to use and develop an Alexa Skill using a Lambda function We learned how to utilize firebase(firestore) as well as integrate it into Alexa and iOS We learned how to use low energy bluetooth beacons We learned how to create a music playback system

What's next for Project Note

Add a system for voting on songs to be removed to the queue or bumped up in the queue Add login and sign up features Android version Google Home version of the Alexa skill Spread the word

Built With Swift Xcode Node.js Firebase Amazon Alexa

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