Awesome Bots

Malfunctioning Cleaner Robots try to escape their Mother Ai’s stronghold before their decommission program activates. Play as the team of robots trying to escape, or as the Mother AI trying to avoid the escape plan!

General Instructions

For this game to work, it has to be at least 2 players running the game in a local area network (LAN).


Host / Mother AI

This is the only player that will not use Vr, it has an overview of the whole factory and it can spawn several turrets to defend the energy generators that keep the factory working.

You have limited energy to place defenses, it recharge itself, but it could take a while so think well before placing them!

This player uses touch controls to operate, you have a set of buttons to spawn turrets and move between rooms on screen and you can rotate inside the rooms swiping horizontally.


Clients / CleanerBots

If you're playing for Team Bots you'll have to use your cardboard, headphones and a controller to play!

Your objective as a team (up to 3 players) is to destroy all the generators before the time ends and you all get send back to the repairing area of the factory.

You're gonna look around moving your head with your cardboard on, move around with your controller stick and shoot with any of the main buttons on your controller.


Supported Controllers

  • Android TV Controller
  • Green Throttle Altas
  • XBox 360 Controller
  • Some generic Android Controllers
  • Playstation 4 Controller
  • Samsung GP20


Built With

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