Task management is all over the place

From todo lists to calendars, there doesn't seem to be a definitive app meeting the task management requirements of today's college students. That's where Elision comes in, Elision provides a single dashboard combining your calendar, tasks, and upcoming exams all in one location. Simply sign in using your Google account and you have instant access to the next generation of task management.

Some background information

Our team came up with this project idea after facing the challenges of transitioning to college life. Task management is imperative to a successful college career, and the current options seem limited. On a day-to-day basis, you might have to switch between many different apps to keep track of what you need to do and where you need to be. We thought it would be convenient to have all this information in one place. Thus, Elision was born.

Oh the challenges

Where do we begin? First, no one on the team had any web development experience coming into the project... no seriously. Okay, one of us had a little HTML and CSS experience but that's it. We had no experience with backend development, databases, API integration, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, or Python, so we decided to use all of them. In the seemingly short 36 hour roller coaster ride called HackIllinois, we pushed ourselves to the absolute limit learning how to integrate these technologies into one final project. There were endless roadblocks along the way, including connecting the front and backend with AJAX, using jQuery for the popup screens, editing the database in real-time, or simply just forgetting a tab. But, at the end of it all, We. Made. It.

But how did we do it?

Good question! We aren't entirely sure (lots of Red Bull). On a more serious note, the dashboard is contained inside of a single html file using Google's Material Design Lite CSS library, jQuery, AJAX, and JavaScript. Google's MDL allowed us to make a dashboard consisting of cards displaying information like tasks, upcoming exams, and weekly schedule to the user. Almost everything can be edited on the fly, and tons of information is just a click away. Powering this front end system is Django. Django provides a Python backend allowing Elision to store and read data from a SQL Lite database. Django also allows us to dynamically load and create objects on the dashboard and provides the Google login system. All of these technologies work seamlessly together to create Elision.

The future is bright

While we were able to implement an astonishing number of features in just 36 hours, Elision has huge room for growth. From map integration for bus routes, automatic scheduling of study times, custom user defined cards, mobile integration, Elision has only just begun.

Welcome to Elision

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