Having access to care anywhere, patients who are elderly or simply do not like going to the doctor now have the chance to contact a physician. Helping streamline health services across systems.

What it does

Reduces the stigma associated with medical testing. Provides comprehensive health exams from the comfort of home. Provides an interface that can be used with any electronic health record. Has the potential to fight the opioid epidemic. Increases patient ownership of medical care. Engages medical providers, empowering them to provide care to patients wherever they are. Increases accessibility to medical services to the aging population.

How we built it

This model was built using, an app building service which uses Angular.JS and ionic to make cross-platform apps.

Challenges we ran into

Designing information flow, adding code behind visually programmed front-end and having the front-end still update afterward.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bring together a team of different backgrounds to produce an innovative app. Developed a solution that improves quality of care provided throughout the local public health system.

What we learned

Through the use of technology we can break down access barriers to healthcare in a financially responsible way. Through innovations in nano-technology and healthcare, we can potentially decrease the mortality rate by making people more aware of their health.

What's next for E-Care

We will present this information to the people of St. Louis Public Health to make awareness of the disparities within our community. Help access care for all.

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