Tori's story was our inspiration, for having to try and use the 10 minute window with her doctor most efficiently, being able to have something to distract her from her day-to-day pain and keeping a record of her mood and activities.

What it does

Allows for a daily record keeping of your activities/diet/sleep. Also provides games, music and videos to distract you.


Please use:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Superman0

How we built it

We have built a server with a database to capture the user's daily records using PHP, MySQL. The front-end is built on HTML and JavaScript and PHP.

Challenges we ran into

We underestimated the time frame required for a project as big as we have thought. This meant we have not been able to finish everything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In a short time we have established quite a large framework making future development very rapid.

What we learned

Chronic Pain affects people of all age groups, and most are living with it in silence.

What's next for Sirius

We have a questionnaire that lets you enter very specifically what the pain is, how often it occurs etc. Our biggest dream and one which we can finish one day, is to match the pain profile to other users, and to give tips from the decreasing mood of those users to others.

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