Team HU(AI) - "VoiceLaunch"


As freshman Computer Science Majors, attending the illustrious Howard University, with a collective interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning... Our team felt inclined to challenge ourselves as First-Time Hackers and create an algorithm that simplified surfing the web. The inspiration behind our project was based in making the process of opening web-applications easier for people with disabilities or a harder time accessing the internet.

What it does

This project gives the user the ability to open applications with just their voice. What sets this product apart is the private voice activation that is not stored on a separate, remote server. Thanks to the vast linguistic library already present in the code there is no need for a user's input to be collected as data.

How we built it

Our team utilized googles-speech-to-text api as a reference for creating a voice controlled algorithm that launches web-applications after being prompted by the user.

Using Python in VSCode, as well as PYAudio, Speech-Recognition, web-browser, and hardcoded defaults such as microphone and date-time -- We configured our algorithm to greet users ["Hello/Good morning! How can I help you?"] and await a voice prompt [ex: "Open YouTube!"]

Challenges we ran into

Initially, our team had trouble identifying the microphone in VSCode, so we upgraded the Speech recognition library to capture the prompted voice command.

Secondly, we had a major issue with the speed in which our machine processed the commands that it was fed. After our code was initialized, it would proceed to slowly open the web-browser after the command was launched, so we fixed that by lowering the energy threshold.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As freshmen who recently matriculated from high school with little to no coding experience, we are proud to state that we have created a project that uses online linguistic libraries and voice recognition. We have had the ability to use the skills we have learned in our one month of Computer Science, while also acquiring many new python coding skills.

What we learned

After completing the project, we learned that all the modules should be upgraded, be sure to use modules properly, we must avoid the indentation error from the very beginning, and be sure to upload your code to GitHub after its completion.

What's next for Team HU(AI) - VoiceLaunch

Our team hopes to improve this product so that it can be used by people with accessibility limitations in the future. We hope to create a tool that makes surfing the web a lot easier and more accessible to everyone, especially the older generation who may have issues with technology.

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