When we participate in any hackathon, we always face an issue i.e what project should you create you always seek for some inspiration for projects. Or, when we learn a new tech skill like react, angular, node or anything, then we always go to google or youtube to find some project ideas. So if you face the same problem we are here to help you!

What it does

Project Zone suggests a user about the projects they can create based on their skills. Project Zone has a collection of wide variety of projects for many different skill-sets. You can also add some projects of your choice on Project Zone. Project Zone has the categories of projects from beginner level to advanced level.

How I built it

Its created using MERN stack.

Challenges I ran into

challenge was handling user interests and showing projects accordingly , It handles showing projects based on level, skills,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Its providing one of the best project ideas based on level, skills and many more filters given by best people in software development and open source communities, I'm proud of providing this kind of project that helps.

What I learned

I learnt many things in backend about CRED api requests in nodejs and mongodb. I also learn figma basics and creation of web page from figma desing from this project

What's next for Project Zone

It will be expanded with some more features such as people can find collaborators for project idea, It can show best hackathon projects, best placement projects etc.

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