Project Zilkr was inspired by the obvious need for young people to learn about the most important job of the future: entrepreneurship. To involve ourselves in a world of entrepreneurship and tech, we (our team) has to travel to California, surrounding ourselves with the community that inspires us. Thats why we asked, why can't we have that community, all the time, online? Why don't we create a place for us to learn, communicate, and grow surrounded by people with similar endeavors and ambitions.

What it does

Project Zilkr is a 9 step curriculum for young entrepreneurs and creators. We also provide mentor chats with Moxtra and are currently working on forum development. Once users finish the curriculum, they can apply for microfunding and mentorship from venture capital who we are already in discussion with and a network of mentors that we have developed. The idea is simple: to move the whole world forward, we need to provide education to young people on an international scale, providing them with an invaluable education in entrepreneurship and creativity.

How I built it

Our team is fairly new to programming. We have two versions of the platform right now. The first version is a web-based site, run off of html/css/javascript. This site was our build here at HackingEdu. In the last 8 hours, we have worked on turning this website into a Node.js application, but this is still in the works.

Challenges I ran into

Building Project Zilkr without much knowledge of backend was really tough, we spent a good amount of time battling with Mongoose.js and MongoDB. Besides that, the platform required a ton of content for the curriculum.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole team is super proud of our work ethic and dedication. We are from Austin, Texas, and we came to HackingEDU to finish Project Zilkr. Along with Project Zilkr, we threw together a MaoBot last night for slack, as a little break.

What I learned

We learned a bunch of angular and nodejs!

What's next for Project Zilkr

As "entrepreneurs" by trade, we were able to confirm a booth at Websummit in Ireland next week before we even began building the platform. So, we will be in Ireland from November 2-8 presenting Project Zilkr to an incredible group of attendees!

To access BETA -

USERNAME: hackingedu PASSWORD: hackingedu

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