During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, people were forced into quarantine in the safety of their homes and practice social distancing. This has led to economic declines of businesses, in particular smaller businesses that are losing money and losing employees as well.

Pintigon, a mobile phone app, aims to connect users at home to various COVID-safety friendly businesses to seek services to help us get through this tough time together.

What it does

Pintigon locates small businesses close to the location you entered on map system. Each location provides information on the business hours, delivery services, anonymous reviews, and star rating systems for COVID safety protocols and for customer services.

How we built it

Pintigon was built using Flutter, an open-source sdk. Google Map Services was used to geolocate small businesses nearby an entered area/region. Google Firestore was the data base used to access and store Pintigon's rating system.

Challenges we ran into

Collaborating online posed difficulties to all team member in communication and allocation work. During the first few days of the competition, the team found trouble scheduling meeting times due to the difference in timezones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Pintigon team is most proud of creating an impact to help fight a cause every member in the economy is currently at war with. The first years in the team felt bravery and ease in asking executive leaders for help on clarifying definitions about new terms.

What we learned

Working on Pintigon, our team developed new strategies to increase efficiency in a given workspace. We also learned how to manage and see past stressful times with tight time constraints through support and comping up with multiple solutions to a single problem.

What's next for Pintigon

  • Improve map and review system, for example: allow an attachment of images and short clips to contributed reviews or new advertisement opportunities

  • Expand Location Services across Toronto, and eventually all of Canada

  • Include accessibility options such as voice-over in the next update

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