This idea started at the age of 17 and I started from a human side. I had no idea about hearing. I had a classmate who had hearing problems and I felt that she was marginalized in the classroom. This was born with a feeling of sadness that she is treated differently from the rest. at the same time it appeared A competition called Intel ISEF (Palestine Science and Technology Fair) and I presented my idea. I made two programs, the first on the mobile phone and the other on the “laptop” screen. The teacher explains in the classroom, so the teacher presses the registration button in the mobile phone program, and it records the teacher’s voice, whether it is in Arabic Standard or colloquial language through the microphone in the application and when you leave the button, the writing will appear on the student’s device and he will understand everything the teacher says with ease, for this moment the student knows what the teacher wants How will the teacher know what the student wants? There is a pen. This pen reads everything the student writes loudly and clearly. In this way, there is a means of communication and communication between the teacher and the student, so there will be a harmonious classroom environment and he can interact with his surroundings of colleagues and teachers I participated in this project and obtained a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Palestine Polytechnic University I conducted many interviews on radio and other networks to complete my passion and I am proud that I have reached this stage and that the program will be developed by adding sign language . entered my current specialty, which is (Audiology and Speech) to learn more about the needs of this group and help them with everything I can and make them an important part of society.

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