A COVID-19 pandemic is especially severe with respect to the number of patients affected and that is creating shortages of many health care resources, including ventilators. In the worst-case scenario as in Italy, there will not be enough ventilators to meet the demand and health care specialists will be both forced to allocate them and cope with psychological stress.


We provide computerized ethical allocation algorithm in order to help clinicians ensure that ventilators are allocated in the most efficient way and eliminate moral dilemma.

Over this weekend we did:

Using PHP Framework Laravel we developed a web application which uses patients' data (that has to be filled by a medic) to divide them into the 4 main categories: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. These categories are well known to the medics and the solution is based on the coding system. It works in this fashion: patients in the red category gains a priority over everyone else in the list, yellow gets a priority over blue and green and blue gets priority over green. We also have the login system so that only authorized users can make changes to the database

Impact to the crisis

We have found out that only several countries have published recommendations for allocating life-support devices during a public health emergency as COVID-19. Moreover, most protocols require an additional person (a triage officer) to make final decision and no computerized and tested system exists. While it is uncertain when a disaster will occur, the better prepared hospitals are, the greater its chances of reducing associated morbidity, mortality, and economic consequences. We hope that our solution will never be needed to use, but it should be implemented in the hospitals and ready to operate if the shortage of medical resources (as seen in Italy) occurs. So, our product emphasizes the problem of unpreparedness and may serve as a model for hospitals.

The necessities in order to continue the project

The ability for hospitals to test our algorithm.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis.

Our solution could be applied during further extreme situations.

Logins for testing:

Login: Pass: corona2020

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