Safety is always a concern for any organization. When one is faced with a situation where their safety is at risk, it is not always possible to contact the authorities in that instant. This applications makes it easier for its users to contact authorities in case of an emergency and helps organizations manage all it's users.

What it does

An app to make reporting and alerting easy within an organization. Users can report using the app during an emergency with one button click. Authorities and family would immediately be notified with location details of the user. Authorities can also choose to alert all the users nearby if the situation demands. The app also helps users and authorities see insights into the crimes happening around them with the help of several interactive data visualizations along with a map view of all the reports in the area.

How we built it

We have used React and Node.js to build the application- React for the frontend and Node.js for backend. All the data is stored in a MongoDB cloud database. We have also used external frameworks for notifications, maps etc.

Challenges we ran into

Team collaboration was initially a challenge when the idea of the project was still not that clear to everyone. But with time we managed to get a clear understanding of the tasks and divided them among ourselves. We also made sure to get timely updates from everyone to stay on track for the submission.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to integrate with three different external frameworks for our project which was quite challenging since none of us have worked with any of them previously. We used Twilio for sending text and email alert notifications, Leaflet for integrating a map view into the app and Victory for creating data Visualizations for better insights on the data,

What we learned

We have learned working a full stack application from scratch. We have also learned working with external frameworks to add more sophisticated features into the application. We also learned about the design process, testing and collaboration with teammates while working on a single project.

What's next for Project X

Our project has a lot of scope for new features to help organizations and users. We plan to add more features to help reporting emergencies and gather more data. This data can also be used to make predictions and identify areas of high risk and take necessary precautions.

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