After making Project Pokemon, I wanted to make a Zelda game for the Oculus as well.

How it works

You play as Link in this game and spawn on Outset Island, Link's home island. You can control a sword and a shield with each arm. You can put away your weapons. Explore the island and fight an enemy.

Challenges we ran into

When we went to demo our hack, our server kept giving us an error. This server allowed the player to walk around in game without using a controller. Instead they would just walk normally and using the Muse and a smart phone, we would track the accelerometer data recorded by both devices and translate that into actual movement. We took out this code and we'll rework how it is handled at a later date.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

People's reaction when the game loads and they explore the Island

What we learned

A lot of Unity, 3D modeling, ways to incorporate the Myo's and some stuff about the Muse.

What's next for Project Wind Waker

Currently there are the following issues: The enemy doesn't interact with the player due to bugs - Will fix The player has to use a keyboard to move around - Will fix The AI (non-enemy) fall through the earth while pathing about - Will fix The Myo's desync mid game and other fun things - Will try to fix

So we actually won Strap's challenge. However, it was changed to best use of wearables instead of the Strap API

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