Principal Objective

Our objective has been to reduce the amount of manual work and ‘number crunching’ involved for energy managers in their report generation process. Previously, reports were emailed out and and analysed on an hour by hour basis on energy managers computers locally, manually. Reports then had to be created by looking at this data and manually finding out statistics from it to then report on. We could see this was a clear problem and so, we built a cloud-based dashboard to automate the process entirely.

Features and Benefits

  • Half hourly energy usage reports are automatically input when received as email attachments at a specific email address once per day - therefore no changes to existing infrastructure are needed whatsoever to allow our solution to be used day-to-day by real life energy managers.
  • ‘Energy concerns’ are automatically highlighted by looking at sharp changes in numbers on a week-on-week per-site basis.
  • Sites can then be viewed in detail and have their usage, averages, and costs, displayed in a table and graphed.
  • Sites also have a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ status generated by our week-on-week analysis algorithm, so energy managers can see wether a particular site is becoming more or less efficient instantly.
  • A report can be generated that contains running bi-weekly data, analysed using our per-site week-on-week algorithm, so that energy managers can instantly see the most improving and most deteriorating sites, along with average weekly usage change and average weekly cost change for all sites that they manage.
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