【Problem Statement and our solution】 House of Hope provides justice-involved individuals housing and where rural property owners can find new tenants. Between 2010-2020, about 5% of the rural population declined. Rural property owners have had difficulty finding new tenants. Justice-involved people also have had difficulty finding housing. When matching these two stakeholders, we considered improving the application acceptance rates for justice-involved individuals and improving the local rural economy. Based on research, justice-involved individuals had difficulty finding housing due to background checks. Therefore, this platform provides and creates justice-involved individuals a positive profile, such as past community involvement information. As a result, rural property owners can build trust with their tenants over time overcoming background check stigma. Once justice-involved individuals submit their application, rural property owners will either confirm or decline the entries. When rural property owners accept an application, justice-involved individuals will then sign a contract and submit a payment. (House of Hope will charge a 5% agency fee of the tenant's first month's rent to maintain this platform). 【Product Launch Plan】 Phase 0 (1 month): Technical Setup and integration. We will run the Beta website to confirm the customer reaction and check there are no technical issues. Phase1 (6 months): Launch the product and increase the housing selection on the platform by building partnerships with property owners. After we identify several housing locations, we will begin marketing by reaching out to JII reform organizations to expand Justice-involve individual customer counts. Phase2 (after 6 months): The website will be further promoted in phase 2 in order to expand and assist more users. We will focus on product improvement (ML improvement), operation improvement, and begin to charge a 5% agency fee.

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