This work aims to propose an information system for managing complaints of all types of prejudices and abuses for anyone who may be anywhere in the globe. The elaboration of this project was conceived with the concepts of BIG DATA, DATA LAKE and BLOCKCHAIN. Based on a collection of information contained in a report, a pilot project was developed to manage the complaints. In the pilot project, all people's complaints were described in an electronic spreadsheet, and based on this information, the complaints were identified and quantified, generating reports for management and decision making. With the identification and quantification of complaints, it was possible to produce management reports and information for future quality improvement work. These reports assist managers in making decisions, helping to identify the respondents with the highest rate of complaints, in the main problems. With the help of the reports generated through the pilot project, the manager can act previously in the denunciations, thus not causing a new denunciation of the same denounced.

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