Project Vitality is a hardware and software based solution for Android to increase the longevity and performance of your device's battery over time. With standard chargers, charging your phone over night causes the battery to overcharge after it reaches 100%. This overcharge is not healthy at all for the battery and reduces its capacity and performance over time. Project Vitality solves this problem by providing a "smart" interface to the charger. This "smart" charger automatically stops sending current to the phone once it reaches 100%. This allows the phone's battery to remain much healthier, giving users longer use of their battery over a long period of time, and a longer charge over a short period of time. This saves the user a decent amount of money in the long term, as well as a better experience with their device as they get longer charge times during their normal use days.

The project uses a Spark Core to connect to an Android application running on the phone. Once the phone reaches a full battery percentage, it tells the Spark Core to stop the current and stop charging the phone and alert the user it has done so. The Android application can also manually change the charging threshold and state of the charger from on or off.

We hope to expand this product to iOS and other devices, especially by improving on our initial design. We also chose to nicely package our product into a nice prototype design as opposed to simply leaving everything as wires.


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