Imagine a world where you can play to earn in a battle royale game betting on your skill , then swap the same crypto winnings in the metaverse itself .

What it does

Project Vinland is an onchain metaverse game in which users, when signed in by their Metamask/wallet, can tour the DeFi metaverse which has multiple stores/avenues like Dexes and money markets to make transactions. This gamified visual experience will allow new users to better comprehend the difference between these dapps and their IRL counterparts.

How we built it

Project Vinland is built on Unity frontend, using ChainSafe web3 APIs to interact with the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and languages like C#, Solidity and Blendr.

Challenges we ran into

Integration with Okex chain was initially challenging with Chainsafe SDK .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although it was challenging implementing logic in C# , we are pleased with the progress and learning. We successfully integrated Cherryswap smart contracts . Deployed NFT smart contract which will act as identity of the player in game .

What we learned

We improved significantly on our smart contract knowledge and dev tooling . Our awareness of the fast growing OKEX ecosystem also grew which was eye opening .

What's next for Project Vinland

Integration of our battle royale smart contract . Implementation of working NFT marketplace for trading gun skins.

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