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Oaken Innovations has teamed up with toll road operator Brisa, technology company A to Be and consumer company Via Verde to produce a live blockchain powered automotive commerce platform, using tolling as the first application. Our entry is a Quorum/Ethereum powered enterprise blockchain platform with smart contract tolling applications and mobile and web front end. The idea for our submission is this: assuming future automobiles are enabled with blockchain-powered identity and the ability to pay for on demand services, let’s first apply that to the number one payment action in automobiles today (tolling) and then expand across other services. We integrated directly into a live environment to process real-time toll road transactions.

Our Submission Includes:

  • Quorum Blockchain Environment
  • Tolling Application Smart Contracts
  • Transaction Simulator
  • Consumer Mobile Application
  • Enterprise Web Application
  • Project Website with Video

The Partners:

  • Via Verde - consumer facing company, operator services integrator, part of Brisa Group.
  • Brisa - toll road operator, part of Brisa Group
  • A to Be - technology innovation company, part of Brisa Group

The Pilot:

With the help of the technology innovation subsidiary of Via Verde, A to Be, and toll road operator, Brisa, we ran a parallel system of toll road transactions for a subset of users. This parallel system was fed live toll road transactions, as if the platform was integrated into a live environment. We hosted this platform on an Azure EU instance.

Within our system, the operator, the parent company and the consumers (automobiles) were each assigned a wallet or equivalent smart contract. Automobile wallets were credited with tokens to use within the toll road infrastructure. As our users used the toll road systems, we remitted tokens from the automobile wallets to the operator and to the parent company to demonstrate accounting and remittance of toll road use by segments, all in the same operation.

The Value:

With our system, Brisa, Via Verde and the toll road user all experience the utility of instantaneous remittance with cryptographic assets. For the client, the value here is a better user experience and the foundation to expand payment services to their mobile devices for mobility payments and general consumer payments. For Brisa and Via Verde, the value is the opportunity to disintermediate payment services providers and streamlined and transparent financial operations among all operators, not just including Brisa.

The Future Vision:

For our first iteration of this automotive platform, we’ve started with the #1 payment activity within automobiles, tolling, and we used the existing hardware infrastructure.

Future plans for this platform include:

  1. Car Wallet Integration - partnering with an OEM to integrate their automobile wallets
  2. Gate-less Tolling - amending the hardware infrastructure by integrating with trusted car identity and location data for gate-less tolling
  3. Consumer Mobile Extension - extending the ‘toll-tag’ to the users’ mobile devices as a consumer payments service for mobility and general consumer transactions.

Thank you for your time!

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