What Inspired US:

When one thinks about Salesforce, most of the time what come to mind is a CRM APP that helps track my users from lead phase to client phase and everything in-between and there after. But Salesforce as a platform has great power that could help any firm/organization for not just capitalizing on the outside clients but also the inside clients (Employees). All the employees who could and should use salesforce are inside-clients and thus one need to try to convert them to regular salesforce users to get more out of the platform. This Salesforce platform adoption for these users, if tracked in correct way, could help us derive efficient strategies and great campaigns to make Salesforce a fun platform for everybody.

Problem Statement:

TRACK the use of the Salesforce1 app among your employees. When a firm is investing so much effort and money in salesforce, how much of it is actually gets used by your sales people. Whats the ROI for this investment in salesforce for the firm. Many times sales people are supposed to use the Salesforce app on the road but are not able to do it because of various reasons and habits. This results in POOR QUALITY DATA as we tend to forget the things in other daily activities and more important (I am serious :) ) things. Also ignoring this Salesforce Users login details related statistics is MISSED OPPORTUNITY to make salesforce a better platform for everyday needs. What kind of Browsers users are using the most to login on Salesforce ? How many logins are from mobile devices ? How ofter user logs in ? How long they stay active ? These are some of the great KPIs that could help derive EFFICIENT STRATEGIES and CORRECT CAMPAIGNS to make the Salesforce platform/service a FUN PLACE TO BE and benefit both the sales people and their management.

Our Solution:

ProjectUno will help tracking the salesforce users login sessions and derive some KPI with great graphical presentation to highlight users usage pattern like WHEN do they login most, HEATMAP showing where are the most active users on the map, HOW MANY of them are online NOW using the mobile app, HOW OFTEN they stay on mobile sessions, WHICH BROWSERS are most common for login, What DEMOGRAPHIC REGIONs are the busiest in the Salesforce usage, What USER TYPES are logging how often, what percentage of the population is mobile only user versus desktop users, mac vs windows user etc. This will help you device campaigns and strategy for FASTER ADOPTION and use of Salesforce platform across the firm and industries. The need could be different for different but the same data could provide the required analysis for designing the correct and efficient strategies and campaigns. Also thought in the framework is Making Salesforce platform a FUN place to be by GAMIFICATION of the adoption path like automatically enrolling the users to raffle or giving them chance to earn bitcoins/points for correct/improving behavior and use of platform.

Where This fits

Target Users:

Management who wants to track the salesforce platform adoption in the firm. One who build strategies and campaigns for Salesforce users adoption increase. Managers who want to track their subordinates salesforce Usage patters for various reason. Performance Measurement - to track how efficient the sales people are using the platform. CFO and team - to calculate ROI for a huge platform like Salesforce Every one else - To get inspired to make the Salesforce a FUN place to be.

Key Features We are proud of:

Heatmap showing the geographic details about the User mass of Salesforce Ability to tap in the GEO location of Users when they login to understand how are user spread geologically. Gamification of Strategies and Campaign to make Salesforce a FUN thing to use. KPI derived from the Login details which are easily available in the Salesforce platform.

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