At present, existing civic Hackathons are open-ended where participants bring problems they wish to solve. Our goal is to provide useful project ideas that come directly from the community.

What it does:

Draws project ideas from the existing city website.

Our proposal will aid in identifying residents' key civic concerns. We would then utilize technology to curate relevant information; in order to collaborate on and generate tangible solutions via the Hackathons.

How we built it:

Using the React javascript library.

Challenges we ran into:

Integrating the existing website with the new additions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Implementing the Storming, Norming, and Performing of the group to get the job done.

What we learned:

How to coordinate in-person and remote projects.

What's next for Civic-Tech Houston:

City-wide implementation of the solution.

Why it is important to us:

Civic Hackathons, are an opportunity for volunteer participants to use code and modern technology to solve the city’s most pressing issues; at no cost to its citizens. Thus, setting up a process to receive information directly from Houstonians would make Hackathons pointed and robust. We also believe, that by making the Hackathons more robust we would further engage the tech community; this would aid in elevating Houston as a future tech Hub.

Who we are:

Our group is comprised of Houstonians who wish to make Houston a better place to live one solution at a time. We believe that technology has the potential to serve as a bridge between the City and its residents resulting in a better quality of life.

The sample website is listed below on the website.

Important Note: In order to run the demonstration; the address to implement is:

123 Main St

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