Inspired by the sketchy Whatsapp knockoffs that inundate the Google Play and iTunes Stores, which promise free services and provide virus-filled banner ads. We hit upon this idea as a new, unexplored medium for a virtual novel / psychological thriller.

What it does

It utilizes a variety of strange, uncertain elements within a familiar format to tell a new story. Nothing is as it seems... Using the format of an app, Underline blurs fiction with reality to create a more immersive game experience.

How we built it

Built using MIT App Inventor II, resources made with Quicktime, Intaglio, and GarageBand.

Challenges we ran into

Story development (a continuing effort). Presenting a story-based project at a hackathon, which might not be a conventional hack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thinking up the setting of our game. Managing to come up with a sketchier phone app than most. Bringing our varied skills together to create something cool. Going to our very first hackathon!

What we learned

New skills within MIT App Inventor, such as using TinyDB to store information within the app itself.

What's next for Project Underline

More story! More plot! More interaction! More thrills, spills, and cordless drills! [disclaimer:cordless drills may not be included]

Included: A direct link to the APK. Caveat emptor. (NB: in beta stage right now, so there's not much to see. The ads won't give you a virus.)

W̧e̺͖͙̭̮l͚̫͕͎͕̝c͖̪o̝͉͕m͇̼̻̣͢ͅḛ̤̭ ̪̮̳͕͚͈̦t̫̘͓̣̺o̡͔̻̠͕ ͖U̢͇͓̟n̫d̸̯̬̻̟̟̖e̶r̥̱̪͖l̛i̖ne̷̜̭̩̲.

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