Growing up, there was always a cupboard filled with different glassware we would get from pasta sauces and various other items we would use in our daily life. Today we attempt to solve the issue of glassware trash in our communities. Glassware is a highly recyclable material and on top of that having a market of more than 1.5 billion in Canada only. We cannot just put glassware in common trash as it is hazardous to workers when broken. We offer pick up service every 3 months and we will pay you for the unwanted trash.

What it does

We created an app and website that allows people to schedule pick up for their glassware, and we would also pay them a minimum of $10 for 50 lbs of glassware. We pick up unwanted glassware, we sort them into different categories and then send them to different processing facilities. As a way to enhance the rehabilitation of small-time convicts back to society, we would offer them the opportunity to pick up the glassware as community service.

How we built it

We also made a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript where the common people can schedule glassware pickup. Using OpenCV in python, we made a software that detect the colour of the glass and using the refraction index of the glass, we put the glassware collected in appropriate categories, so as to reduce impurity when we transform the glassware into culets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project has the ability to help the community by reducing their carbon footprint and allowing small time offenders to do community service, hence the name “Two Birds One Stone”

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