We are a team of students with diverse cultural backgrounds and identities. Thus, we were extremely empathetic towards including traditionally underrepresented communities.

What it does-

Our outdoor proposal consists of three installations. The gallery serves as a data visualization hub, collaboration display, and interactive center. The garden and walkway recounts significant historical figures in a variety of accessible ways. The water wall and mural symbolizes the importance and strength of unity between members of diverse backgrounds.

How we built it-

The first deliverable consists of 3D digital models built with Maya and sketchbook, which are interactive through VR Google Cardboard. The second deliverable is a physical coptic bound design portfolio. Outlined in the portfolio are architectural structures, significant data, and additional exploration of the symbolic designs.

Challenges we ran into-

Spatial composition of design elements was difficult to settle on. Narrowing down ideas also took time to settle on. Converting 3D file types.

Accomplishments that we're proud of-

The diversity of visual representations of our idea. Considering new perspectives we were made more aware of during the Hack.

☆And we won the award for Best Project: Open Category !

What we learned-

It's easy to become overwhelmed with ideas, keep things simple. Inclusion is a complex topic that requires critical thinking and empathy.

What's next for Project Tranquil-

Presenting to Texas A&M University to consider for "The Gardens" future phases of integration.

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