People have been making money in games for decades - flipping items, selling pre-built characters, and offering peer-to-peer services. The introduction of NFTs and play-to-earn gaming models changes everything, enabling players to reap the rewards of their time spent gaming and monetize their success. Unfortunately, there is a massive gap in the availability of modern, analytical platforms to suit commercially-oriented gamers. Titan Analytics was born to fill that gap, arming gamers with the insights necessary to answer the ultimate question: “How should I best allocate my time and capital to maximize returns”. This includes insights to guide NFT trading decisions (i.e. what to buy or sell, how long to hold) as well as broader decisions in a game (i.e. what resources to mine, what items to craft, or what peer-to-peer services to offer).

Our platform was built from the ground up to serve the gaming community. As a favourite protocol to support NFT trading and metaverse activity in the future, we were excited by the opportunity to build on Solana, get familiar with rust, and network in the community.

Our experience going through the hackathon was just the right mix of structure and organization, focused execution, and scrambles and pivots. Each week we made clear progress towards our goal - coming together on the weekends to problem solve, and splitting out into subteams in the time in between to grind through our respective portfolios. In that time we grew into a collaborative and effective team and are really proud of the knowledge and experience we’ve gained, the relationships we’ve developed, and the product that we’ve built.

Welcome, to the commercial analytics platform for the Metaverse.

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