Overview: During the current state of a global pandemic, restaurants and small businesses are suffering greatly. Businesses that have an online presence may be able to still complete online sales or carryout orders, but businesses that do not have an online presence are struggling much more. They are not able to increase sales or revenue due to the fact that their business is done face to face. By creating a service that will give business owners the access to materials that they may need and a way to properly organize and track their progress, we are paving the way for a larger digital presence from small businesses and restaurants. This website is a teaching tool to guide small business and restaurant owners in marketing their products or services digitally. By completing a detailed 10 step process, these small businesses and restaurants will be able to increase their digital presence in order to better serve their customers both during and after the global pandemic.

Team Members: *Gracie Greiner- Butler University Senior majoring in Finance. Go Squad participant. Worked on Environmental Analysis, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, website content, interviews, and final survey.

*Fady Labib- IUPUI junior majoring in computer engineering. Pro squad participant. I was the project manager and the software engineer for the team. I worked on researching, building the prototype and creating the content.

*Tyler Piskorowski - IUPUI Senior majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a focus in Interactive Multimedia Development. Pro Squad participant. Produced the website prototype, the logo, and the content for it.

*Jambaldorj Ochirpurev - Wabash College majoring in Computer Science. Worked in the Pro-squad to produce the website prototype website and assisted Go-squad to do the research.

*Jacob Correa - DePauw University Senior majoring in Psychology (focus in marketing & business). Worked on interviews, Environmental Analysis, Customer Persona, Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas, & website content (business directories, PPC).

*Yousaf Khan- DePauw University Senior majoring in Actuarial Science and Economics. Go squad participant. Worked on interviews, Environmental Analysis, Customer Persona, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, and creating website content.

How did you decide on this customer segment, problem, and solution?

  • By discussing with team members thought processes and through designated brainstorming sessions, we thought it was best to interview locally owned businesses & restaurants. Throughout our interviews we were able to come up with target audience insights to propose a solution. Hence, we brainstormed a product that directly targeted smaller businesses and restaurants without a digital presence, as we found out that many of our interviewees did not have a strong digital presence.

How did your team build and iterate on the solution? For our solution, the Pro Squad decided to build a website prototype in Adobe XD after doing extensive research to provide content for the prototype.

Key Metrics: 6 interview (3 restaurants; 3 service businesses); all interviews stated interest in our project We collected $0.

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