We were inspired by the Google Tango project, a project developing tablets that have 3D motion tracking, depth sensing, and an understanding of where it is in space.

With two Google Tango development kits in hand, we set out to create an Augmented Reality app that would allow two Tango tablets to work together.

What it does

One tablet creates a session with a specific coordinate frame, and the other tablet can join this same session and align its coordinate frame with that of the host's. This lets the devices interact with each other in a localized space, such as knowing where the other is in space, creating and moving the same 3D objects in AR, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, this localization took up most of our time, so we were not able to complete our idea of a boxing app that would allow users of the two tablets to box with each other. However, we are proud of the work we did this weekend and wanted to share our work with the community and perhaps help others hoping to learn more about Project Tango.

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