Inspiration -

How often are the teams in working mood..but work is always better with colorful food. Research shows cooking is a form of stress buster.Combining our passion for food along with streamlining projects, we have used our knowledge and appreciation for cooking simulation games and how that could be explored in this hackathon. From our experience of working within project frameworks, gamification of productivity and finding right temperament for the game was the first motto. Tasky treaty is purposely casual, easy to play, yet hard to master.

What it does -

Keeps you on your toes! Tasky treaty promotes healthy competition. It is integrated with the production tools like Jira and confluence so as to keep the ** work momentum** going and reward accordingly. Nothing brings people closer anything more than food. Teamwork and completions of tasks are further encouraged through Tasky Treaty. Reward system gratifies the player's progression across the work boards and in the game too. Move more tasks to 'done' in jira board and you get score multipliers, along with more challenges to earn more. Furthermore, the kitchen equipments’ level-up, game setups and environments level up too.

How we built it –

We started with Bitbucket and Dev-unleashed starter kit. We used Phaser 3 - game framework for webgl for developing 2D gameplay. Then we took samples from Forge, Bitbucket and combined them with graphQL, jql and cql. The artwork is subtle to incorporate the fact that player experience should be soothing, calm and composed.

Challenges we ran into –

Right from conception, use of Forge, deciding the game logic loops, game progression, level builds, zooming on the features to highlight, we faced challenges we did not know about initially, eventually developed and improved along the way. We discovered skills and talents of each other in our during this journey.

Accomplishments that we're proud of –

Game Load time, Integrations, Responsiveness, Casual and calm mood setting albeit reward the productivity in tasks.

What we learned –

Forge, Atlassian Rest APIs, Designing and Gaming for Production processes. Bringing together all elements and creating an engrossing game, we forged team work within our team too.

What's next for Tasky Treaty –

Newer environments, Intense Game Loops, Complex Levels, New characters, and More integrations with other Atlassian products.

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posted an update

For Atlassian jira and confluence setups to impact the game progression you may have the following:

  1. Create/or at least have 1 Jira Scrum project (as scrum projects only have sprints, which controls the game’s progression)
  2. Create/or at least have 1 board in that project. (also, by default Jira scrum project creates one for you)
  3. Create/or at least have 1 active sprint in the board above. (start a sprint from backlog tab, with some tasks)
  4. Feel free to assign some tasks to yourself in the sprint board above.
  5. Feel free to move around tasks from to-do, in-progress, done swim lanes for varying gameplay experience based on yours vs team’s progress in the sprint.
  6. Optional : By default confluence space with default pages are created when you create a new site. You can add other spaces, pages, blogs, mentions, comments etc.. and they will also impact the gameplay experience, and eventually your score for the leaderboard.

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