We tried to evaluate possibilities to integrate gamification into the future bar event.

What it does

Every visitor of the SPACEbar gets an app (Andoid, iOS, Windows). After a simple registration process (no E-Mail etc. required) the user can give up orders via the app.

With each order, the user gains experience (XP). Once a certain XP-threshold is reached, the user gets new possibilities to gain XP: He can now start to fulfil orders! He simply claims an order of another user in the app, goes to to the kitchen/bar/... and gets the ordered item(s). Now he carries the ordered items to the user that ordered them and both gain XP.

As an additional motivation to gain more XP, a user can unlock skills with his experience points. Various skills can unlock additional items that can be ordered, small discounts on certain items (or even on all items) or even free drinks and more cool stuff.

With SPACEbar, everyone profits:

  • The bar owner saves precious money because he does not need as many waitors
  • The visitors have a motivation to go into the same bar again, which gives the bar owner more customers
  • The visitors have a fun time leveling up
  • The visitors save money by discount-skills they can unlock

How I built it

We built the app with Xamarin to be able to deploy to iOS, Android and Windows at once. The Server is RESTful and built with Java and Spring Boot

Challenges I ran into

  • Xamarin development on Linux
  • Rooms at the TUM that get automatically locked at 8pm

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We found a cool topic for HackaTUM 2017 (see above).

What I learned

  • HackaTUM is cool
  • One can build a cross-platform app in a really short timeframe

What's next for Project SPACEbar

  • Put the apps in the app store (hopefully this is done for the google play store until tomorrow)
  • Launch worldwide
  • Extend the SPACEbar with more cool stuff like bar robots, bar lights, IoT, blockchain, cloud, big data, machine learning, SPACEunicorns
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