The fact that nintendo doesn't have Pokemon Snap for the Wii U

What it does

Walk around on the first level of pokemon snap, ripped directly from the game. Use the Myo's to move around by running in place. Use the Leap to take a picture of a pokemon. Then after you're done. Rate your pictures on our mobile app

How I built it

It just happened

Challenges I ran into

The network did not allow p2p. Nor did it allow me to send any requests to my aws server or other services. HOWEVER, scp was allowed, along with ssh. So at the end of the game, when it exits, it makes a request to a python server running on my machine (the laptop). That request triggers a function to fire that reads all of the files in the Snapshots folder and transfers them to my AWS Server via scp. Then I use my phone to tell the server to add those images to the database by converting them to b64. Then using hte smartphone app and your wireless data, it lets you look at and rate the images you took.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pokemon Snap for the Oculus.

What I learned

That you should never trust a venue's network. No p2p traffic. Also, they blocked some traffic to aws servers (http)

What's next for Project Snap

Idk. I'm tired

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