In the past decade, the global amount of student debts rose significantly. Coming to a point now, asking for solutions. Also, less and less teachers are available, which causes cancelled lessons at the regular schools and universities.

Skoowls thinks it can provide a platform and a solution for this worldwide problem.

The idea Skoowls has, is to create a decentralized platform, where people meet from all over the world, 24/7 the whole year long. The platform holds interaction between the educators (professors, teachers, trainers) and participants (students as well other people in general who are interested for more education).

Skoowls provides cross border knowledge and education, based on the blockchaintechnology so there won't be interference by any third entity (censorship resistant). Working with blockchaintechnology also means, that all the data and information will be securely stored. This, ofcourse, is something very usefull and convenient for especially educators and the participants.

At third, making use of blockchain, also means people from all over the world can pay each other fast and easily with, for example, ADA.

Skoowls will deliver on demand education, (private) courses and training. Skoowls will be like the Uber and AirBNB in the education and learning space. When ever, where ever, personal delivering without the need of middlemen.

Skoowls willl provide lots of opportunities for both professors, teachers and trainers(educators) as for companies, staff and students(participants) across the globe.

Anyone can participate, whether you are from Ethiopia, Malaysia, Japan, The Netherlands, Venezuela or the United States.

This gives big chances for jobless and non-educated people in emerging markets. In addition, people who just have big problems with connecting to the job markets can learn quick and efficiently on our platform.

See businessplan attached! Legit doc.

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