Inspiration and Process

We really just went into this competition with no ideas whatsoever, so when we saw the tournaments of Among Us and Chess in the Discord server, we got an idea. Eric and Cameron brainstormed and planned out the game itself, and Patrick coded the setup to the website. Afterward, Patrick and Eric finished the website and Cameron completed the game's code. That's how we got to our finished project!

Some of our ideas were that it needed to be a slow-paced game that was small but fun to play. This was manageable for us since none of us were experts in coding. Amung Chessus was our name for "not copyrighting Among Us" and a strange pun on Chess and the commonly used word, "sus". Plus, Amung is a reference to Anglo-Saxon English, the same English spoken when Chess was created.

What it does

The game is very simple. Two sides of a 5x5 chessboard are inhabited by crewmates and imposters. The goal of the imposters is to kill off all the crewmates by landing on them, and the goal of the crewmates is to get to the other side to finish their tasks, or to eject and "sus out" the imposters.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout our long process, we ran into many challenges, but thankfully most were just small coding mistakes and syntax errors. Maybe a couple of times we ran into something where we would have to start over a part of code, but otherwise nothing to bad happened.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Of course the main accomplishment would be the game itself, but most of us still learned a lot just from HTML, CSS, and the website.

What we learned

As said before, we all learned some more HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Python.

What's next for Amung Chessus

What's next? This was only one day's progress of Amung Chessus, and we hope to learn some more Python to extend the game, such as colors, going outside of just text, and possibly even sprites and animations.

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