A lot of Full Blown HMDs are popping out in the market , and they include advance hardware and sophisticated systems that enables them to do a lot of things in Virtual Reality. Some people can afford but most cannot , that is why Google released Cardboard, a cheaper solution to let users experience what VR is with the help of a smartphone. However , Google Cardboard is limited to the touch based control it provides bluetooth controllers and the capabilities of your smartphone. Unlike HTC Vive and Occulus Rift that has a specially designed controller and advanced head tracking capabilities that enables you to do interactions within the 3D world that the Cardboard can't do...

This inspired us to find a way in order for us to do those advance VR things with the power of Google Cardboard and a Smartphone without that much of a cost.

What it does

"Project : Shoot " is a First Person Shooter Defense Game. but not just and ordinary shooter game. Users has the ability to control a gun in virtual reality without some costly special hardware, using only a simple "Bluetooth Controller and a Tracker Card" players can pinpoint targets just like in real life.

Player needs to defend their base by incoming waves of enemies and each enemy killed will correspond to additional score.

Power ups will be randomly dropped and many surprises awaits.

How We built it

By using the capabilities of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we can somehow replicate what advance HMDs do. We are talking about hand/arm gestures here , by using Tracker cards , the application will know where your hand is and simulates it in the virtual world. The Bluetooth Gamepad simulates the trigger of the gun and by combining these two we have a gheto way of moving our arms and interact with objects in virtual reality.

What's next for Project : Shoot

Along the progress of this project we will try to implement head location for a more immersive virtual experience without using special hardwares. And we do hope that this will inspire people to do innovative ways for VR.

Built With

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