When we started off, we had an idea of what we want to do. We wanted to create a certain system to help the people in overcoming water crisis that prevails in California. In order to do so, we started our research on IOT and certain sensors which could help us to build this system. Though our idea was raw, what we required is a direction to go ahead with. This direction was showed to us by Mr Pramod Joshi, CEO of Winning Mantra. We are highly grateful to his valuable suggestions during the course of our project.

What it does

Our main aim of the project is to control the flow of water using the Samsung Artik board. Since a large amount of water is wasted in terms of sewage, our idea is to use this water filtered in our kitchen garden so that water can be used for growing crops. Our IOT device also scans for all the parameters of a particular crop, and shares all these data over the internet. This data is shared with the users in the nearby locality. Our system also allows to connects multiple users and share their crops over the internet. A marketing system allows the users to sells their crops over the website. It is a complete system so as to counter this particular water crisis in california.

How I built it

At the sensor level, GPS sensor(GY-GPS6NV2), Infrared Temp sensor, Soil moisture Sensor(YL-38), Humidity Sensor (HL-01), pH meter , Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Samson C01, Acoustica Mixcraft , Image-Line FL Studio, DC flow meter

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge for our team was to collect the data of California. Since we are working on the different parameters of crops, and a large number of crops had alot of parametric data which had to be accounted for. Since we live in India, it hard to go over the authenticity of the facts of California, and this made it quite a time consuming process for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating all the sensors on the Artik board and pushing data onto a self hosted website which uses artificial intelligence suggests which crop to produce

What I learned

It was great experience for us to work as a team on a life problem that is still faced on by California. We also learnt the capability of the Artik board as well the different functionality that can be added and extracted using this board. Interaction with different sensors was quite an experience for us, as well as working on a real life problem made us have a breakthrough of an great idea.

What's next for Save California Project

  1. Enhance Crop barter to include other barters (manure from local kitchen gardens, where dead leaves, soil and other waste can be put in compost pits; recipe barter; community barter, where excess collective produce of one set of kitchen gardens in a community can be bartered with a similar excess of another community and then divided in ratio of the contributed produce, etc)

  2. A Freshness Indicator that uses photos of the produce and the natural aging of a type of produce to indicate to a buyer / barterer how fresh the produce is, or will be, on arrival

  3. An micro-climate app integrator for sensing daily data on temp, humidity, air quality, etc sensed through local sensors in the community, giving hints on what, when and how to plant

  4. A cash crop value indicator that also tells the kitchen farmer about some high value produce that can be grown in a part of the garden, to deliver handsome returns. For example, some exotic herb or mushroom might fetch a rate of USD 100 a pound, and your solution can match seller-buyers, making it lucrative to tend to a kitchen garden

  5. A Kids Kitchen Korner where kids in the family are given lessons on healthy eating using kitchen garden produce, and then are asked to come up with new, creative ideas for growing and consuming fresh produce; maybe even a local Kids Kitchen Kookout Kompetition! Ha Ha! The idea here would be to change a whole generation's views to saving resources and reconnecting with Mother Nature at the home itself.

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