Got bored. Saw like 2 videos on YouTube that had SAO menu systems. Wanted to make a carbon copy of the one in the anime.

What it does

Looks pretty.

How I built it

After work and school. Took me like 3 weeks for the video version

Challenges I ran into

The leap motion requires multi-threading for gestures (unless I'm dumb and overlooked something). Unity doesn't like multi-threading.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

Instantiate is cpu intensive.

What's next for Project SAOUI

Already made the menu curve. Fixed some small stuff. I would like to integrate it with a game or something. I'll probably do that at a hackathon. I might add like space lazors or something fun to the settings button.

After the Leap 3D Jam, I'll put it on GitHub :p

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