creepy nightmares

What it does:

You're stuck in a maze with almost no light and tons of (hidden) traps. Try to find your way to the bunker.

How we built it:

Frontend and GamePlay using Unity3D, Backend for User signup and highscore leaderboard using node.js with express. Deployed on heroku, mongodb database hosted on

Challenges we ran into:

Unity version issues, Post/Get issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • teamwork
  • all those ideas developed over the time. From a simple MVP like "man in a maze" tons of extras like the flashlight and traps were added to the game in that short amount of time.
  • lot's of fun

What we learned:

a lot! Unity3d, Basic HTTP communication, NoSQL data processing, Unity game objects, Unity C# and lots of stuff more

What's next for Project Sanctuary:

implement all those strech goals listed on trello like Multiplayer support saving the maze levels on the backend. We left room for the strech goals for future versions. You gone die a lot ;)

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